A Good Indoor Antenna:  

The indoor Radio Shack antenna that I found to work well for me (and many other folks too)

Note:  Digital TV signals do NOT require any kind of new "special" digital TV antennas!  All digital TV signals are just ordinary VHF & UHF signals.  You should be able to receive digital TV fine with all existing antennas, wiring, signal amps, etc., that have been used over the past 50+ years (as long as they're not rusted out!)


What it looks like: 

It's the gold bow-tie thing on the right.  (I don't use the loop/rabbit ears antenna left of it anymore.) The bowties point 90 degrees away from Sutro Tower, towards my stove/microwave.  Beyond that is my neighbor's condo, and beyond that below the sightline is a wall of Glen Canyon, so it might be picking up reflections from the canyon.  Beyond that is the ocean!  Channel 12 in San Jose, about 50 miles away, comes in fine most of the time, but occasionally disappears with no apparent reason or relation to the weather or time of day.  Channel 12's tower is another 90 degrees away (southward) from the direction the antenna is pointed!


My minor modification: 

I removed the flat pig-tail lead that came attached to the antenna by carefully grinding the rivets out with a MotoTool hand grinder and bolted the 75-ohm matching transformer directly to the antenna straps as seen above.  This was a delicate operation though.  It would be much simpler to simply clip the original leads  about an inch or two long, strip the insulation and just attach  the transformer leads to them instead, with either a twist of the wires or, better yet, with solder.  
I did this at the suggestion of someone with more expertise about antennas than myself.  I'm not sure this really improved the performance of the antenna, but it certainly didn't hurt.