The maddening world of fractals

Once upon a time,

...I got a fast internet connection at home and discovered a net-news group about fractals.  Specifically:  news://

I love visual images like these and it was like Alice falling down a hole into Wonderland.  The adventure kept getting "curious-er and curious-er" as I stumbled across this group's online party, nearly as odd as the Mad Hatter's tea party. 

Here was a group of people churning out amazing fractal images and posting them for each other (and the world) to see, a  contest of one-upmanship of the nicest kind. 

Before I knew it, I was drawn into exploring this strange world with a simple, free public domain program called Winfract (Fractint for Windows).

Here's a few thumbnail samples of my beginner's work (before I decided to reclaim my sanity):

00010.gif (21932 bytes)(21k)

00012.gif (26712 bytes)(26k) 00007.gif (29351 bytes)(29k) 00008.gif (64450 bytes)(63k)
00009.gif (28070 bytes)(27k) 00011.gif (22060 bytes)(21k) 00000.gif (79938 bytes)(78k) 00005.gif (277751 bytes)(271k)
00032.gif (87169 bytes)(85k) 00033.gif (102379 bytes)(100k) 41.GIF (373314 bytes)(364k) 00037.gif (532125 bytes)(519k)
00030.gif (103333 bytes)(100k) 00029.gif (104159 bytes)(101k) 00028.gif (115428 bytes)(112k) 00038.gif (276485 bytes)(270k)


If you like these, take a look at someone else's work that puts my feeble attempts to shame! 

The Fractalus site has lots more, and any search of the web for fractals ( is a great search engine) will turn up more than you ever imagined.