Sometimes I write about various experiences or things I've learned that might be of interest to others.  If any of these topics interest you, welcome...

HDTV Enthusiasts

Hi Pix, a "VCR" for High Definition TV.  This card turns your computer into a digital TV "VCR".  Yes, it records & plays back High Definition TV shows perfectly using your computer's hard disk instead of tape!  Now you can fill up that zillion-byte hard drive fast!

Hi Pix Remote Control Enhancements

That original little remote control that comes with the HiPix
- make it do MUCH more!

Pronto owners:  lucky you --full remote control of the HiPix using just your Pronto and the original HiPix serial port remote control receiver (you didn't throw it away, did you?)

HDTV Tuner - A Good Digital TV/HDTV tuner for Over-The-Air broadcasts:  the Samsung SIR-T150

Indoor Antenna - A Good Indoor Antenna, an old-style Radio-Shack bow-tie indoor antenna that works great for me and picks up San Jose 50 miles away!

Links to more digital TV information...

Other Visual Stuff

Fractals:  Samples of my own Fractal Fun

Transferring Super 8mm Film to Digital, the hard (crazy?) way (work in progress)

Neighbors at Goldmine Hill

Information about TV, HDTV, and Internet access at our location

Rebel Motorcycle Owners

Adding extra headlights for safety